A.B. Systems, Inc. is the expert in design/build commercial construction in southern Minnesota. As the leading design/build company within a 100 mile radius of Rochester, MN, we take pride in the high quality service and construction efficiency our in-house Architect, Designers, Drafters, and team of construction experts offer.

In commercial construction, there are three ways to deliver a project; design-bid-build, construction/project management, and design/build. The design/build process is considered the most concise, straightforward approach.

Today approximately 40% of all commercial projects in the United States are completed utilizing design/build, which is an increase of over 10% since 2005. With design/build, a customer contracts with a single party for both the design and construction of their project, versus hiring a separate architect and builder for the project. This allows our customers to come directly to us for all things related to the design and construction of their project, including getting questions answered or changes made, making A.B. Systems, Inc. a one stop shop for our customers’ building needs.

Other benefits to the design/build method include:

  • Continuous execution of design and construction
  • Overlapping designing and building phases, which fast tracks the project, saving time
  • More project flexibility during the process
  • On average, design/build projects cost 3-5% less than the design-bid-build and construction/project management projects

With our own experienced team members working skillfully together in all areas of a project, we're able to remove the middle-man and provide the most efficient, quality, cohesive approach to a commercial building project. A.B. Systems, Inc. has a comprehensive team of in-house Drafters, Designers, Architects, and Builders, as well as civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineers that we partner closely with.

Don’t waste time with architects and builders working as separate parties. Instead, take advantage of A.B. Systems, Inc. excellence in comprehensive design/build construction in Rochester, MN, and surrounding areas.

If you’re looking to complete a commercial construction project in southern Minnesota, contact A.B. Systems, Inc. today at 507-288-9397.