4 Reasons Why Design-Build is the Right Choice for Your New Construction in Rochester, MN

Apr 23, 2018

At AB Systems, we’re big proponents of the design-build system, so we’d like to share our top reasons as to why and how they can benefit your Rochester, MN new construction.

Continuity of the Project
From idea through the completion of your new construction, you’ll work with the same team, so we’re all on the same page. It’s less likely for things to be missed if everyone is in on the plan from start to finish.

A Singular Team
With design-build the end goal is to complete the new construction project to meet or exceed expectations. There’s no placing blame on outside influences because it’s handled by one team that has the same goal. We have everyone you need here at AB Systems to help you with a successful new construction project. You don’t have to call multiple companies or wait to hear back from various people.

When you have the same team working towards a goal, there is more attention paid to scheduling, pricing, and fees. This means no surprises and unexpected costs that could derail or delay the construction. You’ve no doubt heard horror stories of a new construction costing two or three times more than expected, but not with design-build. Because you’re a valued contributor to the project, design-build works towards an end goal that focuses on results.

Collaboration and Involvement
When clients are involved in the design-build process, they feel more in control of the process, and their satisfaction rate is higher on the new construction. Doesn’t it make sense that you would feel a sense of pride when you’re treated as a collaborator rather than being kept in the dark about what’s going on? You’ll always have access to the plan we map out and will be up to date on how the job is progressing.

If you’re considering new construction in Rochester, MN, we would be happy to discuss how the design-build process would benefit you. Contact us at (507) 288-9397.