Higher Quality Builds and Cost Savings: 2 Advantages of the Design/Build Model for Your Mankato, MN Facility

Sep 17, 2018

When the time comes for a new facility for your Mankato, MN business, you’ll no doubt be weighing all the options for commercial construction. At A.B. Systems, we know that your needs for your commercial building are specific to your company, but there’s one thing that we know is universal; we all want high quality and the best price possible. That’s why we passionately believe in the design/build model. We know that it provides our customers with the best possible solution.


The Best Quality

Whether you’ve been in business for a year or 20 years, you know that quality matters. You want to be able to not only get the best price, but you also want to work with a company that cares. With design/build, we’re utilizing our in-house staff that works with you as a team to get you in that new facility as quickly as possible without causing downtime for you or your staff. Because of our years of experience and the fact that we hire the best of the best, you can be assured that our team delivers exactly what we promise you. With fewer issues and call-backs that means that your project is done promptly and that we don’t skimp or cut corners.


Cost Savings

When you opt for design/build you get the best possible price because everything is packaged to save you money. It only makes sense that if you’re hiring our company, we are going to do everything we can to save you money rather than if you are hiring many different companies that aren’t aligned. Our close collaboration with the entire project from architect to contractor means that you’re saving money and you’re saving precious time. We’re your one call when you need help; no waiting for different companies to get back to you when they have the time. No waiting for one contractor to finish one thing while another is off on another job. This means saving money and getting the job done faster.

We want to see your project reach its full potential and we want to see your business soar. By choosing A.B. Systems and the design/build model for your Mankato, MN facility you’ll be getting the best service and price around. To talk more with us about your upcoming commercial project and the design/build process call us at (507) 288-9397.