Why Design/Build Projects in Rochester, MN, Are So Successful

Apr 02, 2018

At A.B. Systems, we employ the design/build method of delivery as opposed to the traditional design/bid/build method. We find that it is a much better system all around, and our happy clients agree. Here are the main reasons we use it for new construction in Rochester, MN.


Superior Project Design: Our design/build teams work together to form a cohesive unit of architects, designers, and engineers. This approach means things can be reviewed and shifted as needed during the scope of the project while still keeping you on budget. 

Cost Savings and Planning: When the design/build method is employed, constructability can continuously be reviewed during the project with less wait time. This keeps you and the project on schedule. This also enables you to schedule your costs sooner, rather than being blindsided by unexpected costs along the way. That’s a big advantage!

Simplicity: Using design/build, you can overlap both the design and the construction with one trusted source. No need to work between an outside architect and a separate builder. It’s all handled under one roof.


Prevents Conflicts of Interest: Because a design/build team is working for you, they are all equally responsible for the entire build rather than only being interested in one part of the construction. This eliminates the potential for less than honest contractors or those who are willing to cut corners to get your business.


Our design/build teams work for you and cut out the middleman for your project in Rochester, MN. We employ only the best and have our own in-house designers, architects, drafters, and builders. Our relationships span all over the great state of Minnesota, and we partner with some of the most skilled tradesmen in the area, including structural, mechanical, and civil engineers. 

Let’s talk more about how the design/build method can work for your Rochester, MN new construction project. Contact us at (507) 288-9397.