Why Design/Build is More Cost Efficient for Your Rochester, MN Commercial Construction Project

Oct 31, 2018

If your Rochester, MN business is considering building an addition or a new location, cost is always a concern. A.B. Systems can help you save money on your commercial construction project without sacrificing quality by utilizing our design/build approach! We’re your one-stop-shop for all your commercial construction projects to ensure your project moves along seamlessly and on budget. When you partner with A.B. Systems, you can expect the following results:


  1. Seamless Transitions from Design Through Construction - If you’re using multiple companies to handle your commercial construction project, one hand can often be waiting for the other. All this back and forth costs you time and money. With our in-house services, once the plans are complete, we’re ready to build. No waiting on bids from multiple companies, contractors, or subcontractors!
  2. Cost Control Savings - Because we work as a team, everyone is aware of costs and budgets all across the table, including your company. The scope of your commercial construction project is never lost because someone falls down on the job, gets behind, or goes over budget. Our design/build approach is a team effort from start to finish, and you’ll always be informed the whole way.
  3. Better Design Collaboration - Simply put, with design/build, the project manager, designer, and builder work in tandem and are in communication from the start of the project. The design ideas are grown in-house, and the team works together to expand the concept you’re looking for with your addition.
  4. Accountability - You’ve no doubt heard horror stories of contractors failing to live up to their side of the bargain on a project, or finger pointing between companies while a project remains unfinished. With A.B. Systems, our design/build team is on the same page from day one through the completion of your addition to your Rochester, MN building.

The design/build approach to commercial construction saves time and money and produces beautiful results for our clients. Want to talk more about what our design/build process can do for your company for additions, renovations, or commercial construction? Contact us online or call our friendly staff at (507) 288-9397 today.