New Year, New Commercial Renovations in Your Mankato, MN, Office

Dec 28, 2018

As the New Year arrives in the area of Mankato, MN, take a moment to look around, consider changes, and evaluate your commercial office space. Rather than spending another year tolerating an outdated building space, make 2019 the time you finally invest in a building renovation.


Commercial renovations might mean new office spaces, new desks, or new concepts for the physical building. Let’s take a moment to find inspiration in the latest trends for 2019 office spaces, and get your renovation process started!


Cohabitation Spaces: Many commercial office renovations include tearing down walls, rather than building them up. Open concept workspaces became a hit in the past year, and in 2019, many offices are looking to refine these concepts. Maximize collaborative work among employees by changing the design of your office space, including more multipurpose spaces and fewer cubicles, which will inspire employee interaction!


Green Spaces: If your building is outdated, that likely means it is not working hard to protect the environment. Renovate office spaces to include eco-friendly choices, such as natural lighting options and organic materials. Additionally, use your remodel as a time to bring nature indoors with plants and other natural materials. You’ll find bits of greenery boost office morale, especially in the cold, white months of winter!


Designed Spaces: Even a fresh coat of paint or updated wall covering makes a difference in your commercial office renovation. If you and your employees are tired of staring at boring, beige walls during brainstorming sessions, take the time to make your space reflect the creativity of your workplace. Incorporate geometric patterns into your office, and make your walls a little more interesting this year!


Ready to start planning a commercial office renovation in Mankato, MN? The professionals at A.B. Systems are here to help you get started. Give our team a call today, and finally take the time to freshen up your building this year!