The Benefits of Commercial Build Outs and Remodels for your Rochester, MN Office

May 18, 2018

When you begin to consider renovating your commercial space in Rochester, MN, you may be wondering about the benefits of making a costly investment. It can be somewhat daunting to think of the months of displacement of your office and work life while the construction takes place, but if you have the feeling that it’ll be worth it in the end, you’re right. For your business to grow, change must happen. Here are just a few benefits of taking the leap with A.B. Systems with your commercial build out or remodel.


A Vast Improvement in Company Image

Your image is part of your brand, and the way the community and your clients see your business is part of your success. If your offices are outdated (and not in a cool, retro way), the impression is that your business is either not doing well or you’re too frugal to invest in the appearance. Neither is the impression you want to give to clients.


Company Moral Boost

Even if you’re the greatest boss in the world, coming to work to a cramped, outdated, or overcrowded work environment doesn’t make for happy employees. New construction also offers the benefit of improving your employees workspace by increasing window space and allowing more natural light, which has been shown to increase productivity.


An Improvement in Floor Space

Do you have to walk through a maze of desks or cubicles to get around the office? Running out of storage space? Remodeling the floor space in your office is the perfect solution instead of moving your entire operation. As a design-build contractor, A.B. Systems can help you with a floor plan that makes sense for your business.


Aids Company Growth

Adding new staff this year? Great! While business may be booming, you need to consider that the extra bodies in the workplace may mean additional bathrooms, cubicles, and space in the break room. Even if you don’t need space right now, planning for the future shows your employees and customers you’re in it for the long haul.


Updated and Efficient

Outdated buildings almost always mean insufficient HVAC systems, inefficient windows, energy-hungry lighting, and more. We’ll assist with upgrading to energy-efficient systems that’ll save you money in the long term.


Are you ready to take the plunge on an upgrade to your Rochester, MN office with the assistance of A.B. Systems? Give us a call at (507) 288-9397 or contact us online for additional information on our commercial build out and remodeling services!