Benefits and Drawbacks of Commercial Construction in Rochester, MN

Mar 06, 2018

Your business can go through many changes as the years pass. You may see changes in products, staff, management, and perhaps even locations. When your business starts to outgrow your present site, or if your building is showing its age, it’s time to consider new commercial construction. The questions to ask if you’re considering new construction vs. expansion are:

  • Do you need extra or a new facility?
  • How long will commercial construction take?
  • How will the build effect your business on a daily basis?
  • Is there a location that’s best for your company?

There are many benefits to commercial construction for your Rochester, MN, business. First, instead of moving to an existing building you may have to adapt to your needs, you’ll be starting with a blank slate, and we’ll be able to customize your space. It’s also an excellent time to refresh your brand as a new facility in the community is sure to get a lot of attention. Also, new buildings are more energy efficient and built with an eye towards a more green and sustainable future. Finally, commercial construction is the perfect opportunity to create a space that’ll grow with your company, ready to support your operations for years to come.

The drawbacks? The most significant drawback is the time spent finding the right location for your business. You may need to deal with a land contract, zoning, and other state and local issues. Also, depending on the size and scope of your project, it may take more time than an expansion or addition. With our design-build concept, however, it can take a lot less time than you think. We have all the resources, in-house and at our fingertips, to make your commercial construction project go smoothly.

Confused about what would be best for your business? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss the pros and cons for your particular business in Rochester MN. You can reach our friendly staff at (507) 288-9397.